"52 Ideas to Grow Your Business FAST" — the Quick, Dirty, and Uncensored Secrets to Extraordinary Small Business Success, Despite Recession, Crap Government, and Tight-Arsed Banks

  • How to stand out like a hard-on in a nudist camp from the "me too" guys and gals in your industry
  • How to sell your products and services at higher prices WITHOUT losing customers OR sales
  • Why "likes", "shares", "engagement", and other Social Media B.S. are all drippy gobbets of useless donkey-snot
  • Can you really make more money by pissing people off? (the answer is "yes", but it ain't as simple as just being obnoxious)

WARNING: the profitable money-making tips I share with you in these emails are NOT for Little Snowflakes, Special Flowers, or anyone who's easily offended (I swear a lot, am utterly un-PC, and have a filthy sense of humour)

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