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Congratulations… because you’re just one step away from a complete and proven Blueprint for any serious and determined business owner who’s sick and tired of working ever longer hours for less and less reward.

It’s called Grow Your Business FAST, and it’s 360-pages of tried and tested business and marketing strategies designed to make you money. And it’s yours for just £24.97 including shipping.

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It’s dead simple: read Grow Your Business FAST and if at the end of it you don’t think it’s the most powerful book on business and marketing you’ve ever read, just drop me an email and I’ll refund all your money… and you don’t even have to send it back to me.




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More Praise for Grow Your Business FAST from Business Owners

yinka“AWESOME – I tell you Grow Your Business FAST has fired me up all over again about the truth of the matters of business, clients and life.

There is so much in there — in addition to the amazing business wisdom, fabulous and devastatingly simple copywriting tips, it’s got so much life assistance and mindset improving information I reckon it should be called Grow Your Business (and Sort your life out!) FAST.

Already an addict of the EBG style, I love the fact that it doesn’t sugar coat a single thing – and that it speaks to the reader as an adult. I also love the fact that this is NOT a ‘done for you’ solution builder but a ‘do it yourself – and here’s how’ solution builder. That said, you were a lot tamer than usual!

The one thing that jumps out at me is how simple you have made growing a business — this allows the reader to really focus their efforts on implementation – as what you have written is so easily understood.

I think it’s a great place to start for a new business owner — as it’s all in there and (not that I’m accusing you of plagiarism) it lends from and simplifies enduring principles from some of the greats, which will make it a must have guide for Business Owners who refuse mediocre.

It’s structured in a logical way which really helps a business owner to build on the principles step by step.”
Olayinka Ewuola

rob cartoon (colour)“For the small business owner Grow Your Business FAST is a must have ‘how to run a business’ manual. People get manuals for car repair (Haynes) and for DIY (Readers Digest) generally giving them tips on how to save money.GYBF helps them make money but just as important how not to waste money on pointless advertising and marketing (by giving them examples). Most business books are based on theory but this is a hands on in the trenches book.And it is not a book for dummies but a serious attempt to show people how to run their business.

It is for start ups and more established businesses who may be struggling. Also great tips on how a business owner can grow and develop as a person (so not just about growing the business).

Key points for me were:

  • Easy to read and to follow the flow of the book.
  • Balanced opinion throughout the book. Jon tells you about the importance of testing and not just taking his word as gospel.
  • Explains the myths and misconceptions out there which are probably in the mind of the business owner.
  • Pointing out the pitfalls and how to overcome them (with examples).
  • Focusing on the important numbers… ROI and lifetime value of a client.
  • Dangers of Social Media… not to disregard it but to be aware it will not solve all their problems (balanced opinion).
  • Minute details… even down to the font type and the line length of adverts and sales letters making them easier to read for the end user.

I have been a following Jon’s work for years so much of what he says I am familiar with.

However the book highlighted a lot of stuff I know but am not implementing… a kick in the backside for me!!

Grow Your Business FAST will be my ‘go to book’ in growing my and my clients’ businesses.
Robert Cartoon,
Cartoon Coaching and Consultancy,

david taylor (colour)“This book is one of the best I have read in a long time. Written with expert knowledge on a subject that many business people think they know but nearly always get it wrong.The character of the writer flows off the pages.

It is written with honesty, integrity, wit and a down to earth, no bull attitude, putting the real facts of business life on the table for all to see.I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to get a better understanding of the whole concept of marketing and its key function in business.

It is a must to any small business looking for a key insight into the world of marketing. I will be recommending it to all my clients and may even use this as a free book to every new client.I could mention 5 or 6 elements from my first read of this book, but I have to start with ROI (return on investment), this alone is the key to me building my business. I know how long we retain our clients and that could be worth over £50,000. Its time for me to find some an impressive ‘attention grabbers’.”
David Taylor, Sheridan Accounting Solutions Limited

aarif merali (colour)“I am a very keen and capable golfer but I didn’t get to that standard without some very good coaching from the pro at my club.

If you are looking to start out in business, or grow your business, then doing so without the help of this book would be just like turning up at the first tee with all your new golf gear, having never had a lesson in your life, and expecting to shoot below par (in golf below par actually means you are very good).Get Grow Your Business FAST if you want to get good at running your own business as Jon is a complete pro and will show you exactly how to avoid the hazards and keep the ball bang in the middle of the fairway.
Aarif Merali, d2rCrossmedia,

andrew gardner (colour)“If you’ve previously trusted graphic designers, web designers, or the art department of newspapers and magazines to produce your advertising, and you’re frequently disappointed with the results, this book will blow your mind!

Jon McCulloch gives you a complete overview of the kind of people you need (not want) to be selling to, how to craft a marketing message that appeals directly to those people, and how to choose the most effective media to deliver your message.Jon’s strategy for using email is probably the quickest, easiest, and most profitable thing you could ever do for your business, and I would happily bet none of your competitors are using this method.

Entering into the world of direct-response marketing is like going on a journey. And if you follow the steps laid out in Grow Your Business FAST, you’ll probably look back on this day in the future and think to yourself ‘That was the day everything changed…’.”
Andrew Gardner

lorraine (colour)“What a great read. Grow Your Business FAST drove home a simple but very crucial message for our vintage bike business: all customers are not equal.

We absolutely must stop trying to be all things to all customers and concentrate our efforts on the 20 % of clients who account for 80 % of the sales.Of course I knew this already, intellectually, and had started to do something about it by compiling a Best Customers list made up of the 20% of top spenders each month. But I haven’t targeted the list in any way and consequently haven’t yet reaped the rewards.

A quick check of figures proves Jon’s point: we have over 5,000 clients on our database yet the combined annual spend of the 250 clients on the Best Customer List represents 70 % of our total annual turnover.

I’m flabbergasted. And very determined to find ways to a) deter small spenders and time-wasters and b) improve rapport and services with our best customers initially via a new monthly printed newsletter. This must be the key to success.

Thank you indeed, Jon, for such valuable insights.”
Lorraine Harris, Classic Motos France,

suzan st maur (colour)“This is the first book I have ever read that grabs you by the throat and makes you understand how, without vigorous, intelligent marketing, anyone running a micro or SME business is wasting his or her time.

The Evil Bald Genius does not do pussyfooting: be warned.Unlike the thousands of mealy-mouthed marketing authors in the past who try to sell you half-assed marketing ‘solutions’, The EBG shoves his methods right in your face and makes you see how they’ll work for you.

And he has hundreds of stonking success stories to prove that they work. Grow Your Business FAST is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re faint-hearted, you won’t go far in business anyway.

This book is a brilliant piece of prose that will turn you into an evil genius of a marketer, too.”
Suzan St Maur, Online business writer and best-selling author

steve prescott (colour)“This book comes with a big promise — and it’s a promise fulfilled. Packed with tested strategies, Grow Your Business FAST tells you in plain language how to get more leads, produce more sales and make more money.

And in business, that’s really all that matters.Its easy-to-read style means you can whip through the whole book in a day or two, though putting just 20% of the strategies to work is probably enough to revolutionise any small business — and very quickly at that.”
Steve Prescott,

keith commins (colour)“In an era of clueless Social Media experts spouting endless nonsense like ‘brand awareness’ and ‘engagement’, Jon’s Grow Your Business FAST lifts the lid on what really works and gives specific advice as to how any small business can ramp up their profits within a short period of time.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most businesses have been lied to by everyone from newspapers trying to flog them advertising space to these aforementioned ‘Social Media’ experts. For most SME owners this has led to almost a morbid fear of marketing, coming to think of it as something of a black art, something that they just aren’t supposed to figure out.

I should know, I used to be one of these people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, by learning how to concentrate your efforts on the fundamentals of marketing and developing strategies like Premium Pricing that attract a better class of higher paying customer, your business can begin to turn itself around and grow like you’ve never imagined.

One word of warning though, Jon’s advice is often quite brutal and unforgiving, but rest assured you’re always getting the gods honest truth. When there’s money on the line, that’s the way it should be.”
Keith Commins,

vegard svanberg (colour)“GYBF is the essential guide to small business marketing. Jon takes you through all the vital steps you must know as a small business owner to be able to do effective marketing which works — and which your competitors never will understand.One particular section of the book which simply is excellent, and will shake the world for most business owners, is the part about the deadliness of low prices.

Jon brilliantly explains why competing on price will lead to a slow, painful death for your business — and gives you the strategies and step-by-step guides you need to build a solid business where you no longer have to struggle with competing on low price and getting tiny profits.

I wholeheartedly recommend you read this book today, as every day going by without you taking action is a day you’ll lose money.”
Vegard Svanberg, Monsternett AS (in Halden, Norway)

ed farshi (colour)“The Good: it reads easy and flows well.The bad: it kicks you in the nuts immediately by giving you some straight to the point facts, take it or leave it. (I hope anyone that’s my competition would leave it!).

The ugly: you realise if you want to get ahead, you simply got to get off your arse and start doing some of this stuff.I have to say Grow Your Business FAST is a brilliant book and I’ll be using it as a business reminder manual as well as a blueprint to remind me of the stuff that I’m sure I’ll miss trying to setup or grow my business.I genuinely hope my competition do not get hold of a copy of this book.”
Ed Farshi,

stewart gibson (colour)“Timing is everything, last night I was away from home on business, sat in a hotel not much to do, so I started to read, and read, and read. I think I started about 9.00pm and fell asleep still reading about 2.30am.What a read!

I’m sure this was his intention but reading Grow Your Business FAST is just like sitting talking to Jon over a pint. It flows, the arguments make sense, and even when your mind questions things Jon seems to answer these as well. There are so many nuggets in there that need to be referred to over and over again.

One thing I am going to do, (tonight probably) is go through it all again and write down bullet points from it, reminders if you like, which I know will keep me going.

What I found most helpful was although a lot of the subject matter was known to me, I found when I was honest with myself, that I was only going part of the way — 60, 70% is not good enough, and already I have identified ways I can make my business better. After all I am not in the Licensing Business, I am in the business of marketing my Licensing Services.

Now the hard work begins. I am going to take 5 ideas at a time, perfect them, then move on to the next 5 and so on. Number 1 is undoubtedly to create a set of rules for myself. Easy to ignore when you work for yourself on your own.”
Stewart Gibson,
Liquor Licence Specialist,

Sanjay Pande“Right from the get go there’s no time wasted on warming you up and it jumps right into the action steps (a style I personally enjoy). I hate chit-chat. I wish someone had written something like this a few years ago. There is no hype and it’s a complete no-nonsense approach with a step-by-step guide — like a paint by numbers blueprint, albeit with very straightforward advice which is typical of Jon’s style:

  • Several things guaranteed to not make you any money.
  • The hardest, most time-consuming and expensive (and least profitable) thing all businesses tend to do in their marketing first and how to avoid it and increase your ROI dramatically.
  • The 4 Simple Keys that make any marketing message extremely effective (and even irresistible).

And a lot more before you even touch page 40. The section of polarizing your audience is best explained by Jon who does it quite a bit himself. Then you move on to other topics like Premier Positioning including

  • What is so attractive about a ‘Rolls Royce’?
  • How you can increase your profits by 39% or more by making this simple tweak to your prices.
  • The MOST effective marketing vehicle with perhaps the best ROI and why your competition isn’t using it.

And there’s a lot more such as how to get your ad prices as cheap as you possible, how to get it all done — even if you take baby steps, and there’s an appendix which could have been the topic for another book — How to write a profitable ad or sales letter. This belongs on the desk of every business owner (and more important, in their heads after they’ve read it).
Sanjay Pande